when i came to visit her last night

II. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to tát complete the sentence.

1. In 1990, due to tát the change of the economic situation, Dong Ho paintings were difficult to tát sell and many quit their job.

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A. craftsmen B. crafts C. craftsmanship D. craft unions

2. The Van Phuc silk producers have expended their silk garment goods they can satisfy the varied demand for their silk.

A. so sánh that B. in order to tát C. despite D. because

3. It turned out that we rushed to tát the airport as the plane was delayed by several hours.

A. hadn’t B. should have C. needn’t have D. mustn’t

4. Weaving mats in Dinh Yen, Dong Thap used to tát be sold in the “ghost” markets phối up at night and operate up to tát early morning the government built a new market five years ago.

A. after B. as soon as C. when D. until

5. Since changing the way of production, many craftsmen have voluntarily joined together to tát for .

A. cooperatives B. cooperative C. cooperates D. cooperation

6. I don’t lượt thích to tát ask people for help but I wonder if you could bủ a favour.

A. make B. tự C. find D. pick

7. Nowadays, Tan Chau artisans can produce silk of multiple colours they can meet customers’ demands.

A. but B. in order C. so sánh D. so sánh that

8. Situated on the ngân hàng of the Duong river, the village was famous for the of making Dong Ho paintings.

A. manufacture B. activity C. craft D. production

9. There was no in continuing for him the race was over.

A. value B. worth C. point D. profit

10. a large number of the country’s crafts villages are suffering from a shortage of human resources and difficulties in building brand recognition, many international organizations have had projects to tát help them.

A. Even B. Although C. However D. But

11. Vietnamese traditional is done with a simple hammer and chisel.

A. sculptured feature B. sculptor

C. sculpture pieces D. sculpture

12. This cloth very thin.

A. feels B. touches C. holds D. handles

13. It was only he told bủ his surname that I realized that we had been to tát the same school.

A. until B. when C. since D. then

14. a majority of Vietnamese small and medium enterprises tự not have in-house designers or specialized design staff, they have to tát hire freelance designers.

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A. While B. Since C. Due to tát D. Despite the fact

15. Now, at the age of over 80, the artisan is leaving the craft to tát his descendants with the desire to tát this ancient craft.

A. change B. consider C. preserve D. reserve

16. For that artisans, making the paintings is a career it supports the life of many generations of the family.

A. because of B. although C. so sánh that D. because

17. The four-ton statue of hero Tran Vu, in 1667, still stands in Quan Thanh Temple.

A. to tát cast B. to tát be vast C. cast D. casting

18. Her business must be going rather well, by the xế hộp she drives.

A. deducing B. deciding C. inferring D. judging

19. I’m afraid this vase is anything but antique - In fact, it’s .

A. pointless B. worthless C. meaningless D. hopeless

20. He couldn’t his father that he was telling the truth.

A. admit B. confide C. trust D. convince

III. Find a word or a phrase that means.

1. think of (an idea, a plan, etc.)


2. connect by phone

IV. Complete the sentences with suitable subordinators from the box.

because before although as soon as so sánh that while

1. I go out tonight, I will have to tát finish this essay.

2. Phong burnt his hand he was cooking dinner.

3. Laura always gets up early every morning she’s not late for her work.

4. Mr. Harrison seems to tát have a lot of money he lives in a luxurious house.

5. I was waiting for the bus, I saw some foreign tourists.

6. They didn’t win the game they played very well.

7. The children are very excited they’re going to tát visit a craft village this weekend.

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8. We will tell Alice about the trip we meet her.

9. it rained a lot, they enjoyed their holiday.

10. I bought a new pair of glasses I can see better