she doesn't have a car

Guys, is it a turnoff if a girl doesn't have a car?


Recently started talking to tát a guy on Tinder who keeps asking if I want to tát come over. I tự, but the problem is that I don't have a xế hộp. I would have to tát go to tát his house in a cab since it's too snowy to tát xe đạp and the bus doesn't stop near his house. I'm 24, working on a Master's degree, and work at the thể hình (which I go to tát daily anyway). I had to tát get rid of my xế hộp before grad school for financial reasons (no DUIs or arrests or anything), but I'm trying to tát get my life together. I tự not expect anyone to tát drive bu around. I live 2 miles from campus and have no issues biking, walking (plus it's good for staying in shape!), and taking the bus to tát school/work. Guys, how big of a turnoff is it if a girl doesn't have her own car?

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