his dedication to the educational charity was truly


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His dedication to tát the educational charity was truly _______.

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I was encouraged to tát _______ for the grandest prize in the nhảy competition.

When being assigned difficult exercises, Lan always _______ to tát complete them without any help from her teacher.

_______ communication skill plays an important role in career success.

When independence becomes your ______, it leads to tát the 4C’s: confidence, competence, creativity, and character.

The natural desire to tát protect children can make parents ______.

A ______ skilled person can work, learn and recreate collaboratively with others.

I was ______ to tát recognize that I could work more effectively with my time log.

Breaks provide valuable rest ______ you to tát think creatively and work effectively.

The natural desire to tát protect children can make parents ______.

If you want to get a higher mark in the next test, you have better put more effort into vocabulary.

What you should bởi now is to make slides for the presentation tomorrow as we have a little time left.

After being closed for a long period of time, the house became dirty and smelled awfully.

They are accustomed to tát share every sorrow and mirth with each other.

In this project, your responsibility is search for information about environmental pollution as much as possible.

From my point of view, all family members should share the chores equally.

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It's a breathtaking view.


There's no doubt about it.

How bởi I sign up for the psychology course?


You need to tát fill in the online application sườn first.


Your deadline is May 15.

“Didn't you feel tired of being alone?” – “____”

“Excuse mạ. I have a reservation for tonight.” – “____”


Just a moment, please, while I kiểm tra.


Wonderful! I'd lượt thích to tát hear some of your ideas.

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Dr. Jonas can see you next Thursday. Do you prefer morning or afternoon?


I am looking forward to tát seeing you.